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It will not be a secret to anyone that online casinos are gaining special popularity nowadays. Customers are constantly replenishing the treasury, demand is growing, which means that it is necessary to constantly innovate in the work of a virtual gambling house.

Relatively recently, a rather interesting innovation has been introduced in many casinos – the ability to play with a real dealer. This type of game soon gained high popularity, both among regular customers, and managed to attract a new stream of players to the online casino. Playing with a real dealer in a virtual institution is actually a video conference in which the player watches any manipulations of the dealer in the present tense.

The difference from the usual game is that in fact the game is led by an absolute real person. This novelty allows the player to feel more realistic, to feel the atmosphere of a real land-based casino.
In order to realize and understand all the advantages of playing with a live dealer, rather than with a computer program, it is worth considering in more detail all the advantages of playing with a person, not a machine.

The "Inanimate" croupier

The basis of this game will be a random number generator. Such a program is regularly subjected to various audits by auditors. These revisions are necessary to ensure the smooth operation of the generator, as well as to achieve the most honest and accurate results in the gameplay.
Thus, playing with the program is considered quite comfortable, because the player can fully manage his playing time. This makes it possible to better think about the next bet. The game goes smoothly, without sudden jumps. However, the downside is the fact that the result will completely depend on the algorithm of the machine, the human factor is almost completely excluded.

Live Dealer – what's new?

Contrary to expectations, playing in an online casino with a real dealer is not something supernatural. There is no need for additional installation of any special programs, it is enough to trust modern automation, which allows you to set up video transmission, which will connect the player with dealers from the casino studio. Players have the opportunity to track all the actions of the dealer, for example, during the unwinding of the roulette wheel or when dealing cards.

It is impossible not to mention the fact that playing with a real dealer, of course, is not complete without communication. Thus, the atmosphere of a real land-based casino is successfully maintained. This variation of the game is suitable for most players, as communication with the dealer puts the game in a pleasant direction.

Unfortunately, not every online casino game can be proud of having a real dealer. This feature is available only to the most popular games, such as poker, roulette. Nevertheless, the love of playing with a live dealer is rapidly increasing, and this means that soon online casino games will be accompanied by a live dealer.

However, not every player will be able to join the game with a live dealer. In order for the game to run normally, it is necessary to have a stable and sufficiently high-speed Internet. Video broadcasting the game requires considerable traffic costs. So, another condition will be unlimited Internet for the player.

Another disadvantage is the fact that the dealer will not wait for you personally until you place a bet. Playing with a live dealer means being ready for vivid animation and limited time to bet.

Players with small deposits in an online casino with a real dealer are not allowed to play, since most of the "live" tables work only at above-average rates. For example, in blackjack with a real dealer, it is very rare to meet bets less than five dollars.

In general, we can say that this type of online casino game has gathered a lot of fans, which means it's definitely worth trying what it's like to play with a live person in a virtual space.